Welcome to ‘All That is Neuro’, a blog established and ran by graduated and current Neuroscience students from the University of Leeds. The blog was born in 2016 with the main goal being to deliver interesting neuroscience articles in a relaxed and informal manner to the public. In doing so, we hope to inform readers about current and ongoing neuroscience research that more than likely affects each and everyone of us in our day to day lives.

What is Neuroscience?
More often than not when asked the question, ‘So what is it that you study at University?’ when we reply ‘Neuroscience’, a blank face and a nod greets us. Neuroscience is regarded as ‘up and coming’ in the scientific world, mostly due to the fact that a lot of the theories and concepts that we study are based on research that is still ongoing, and so scientists remain relatively ‘in the dark’ so to speak.

Neuroscience is, in a nut shell, the study of the nervous system. The nervous system has two divisions: the central nervous system, consisting of your brain and spinal cord, and your peripheral nervous system, which for the sake of simplicity we shall say consists of everything else. Therefore, your nervous system essentially co-ordinates everything that you think, do, and feel – and so studying the nervous system integrates many scientific disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics and psychology to name a few.

Neuroscience investigates our senses, proprioception (where our limbs are in space), emotions, desires, addictive behaviours, creativity and even sexual inclinations. However, deciphering the function of the brain is proving to be one of the greatest challenges scientists have ever met, which is what we feel makes it so interesting, and why we want to communicate it to you.

Who are we, and what are our interests? 
We consists of a team of writers each with unique interests. Some of us are also undertaking behind the scenes roles, such as web design, editing etc.

Blog Founder: Molly Campbell

  1. Aisha Islam: interested in Neurodegenerative and Psychiatric Disorders.
  2. Lara Cornish: interested in Drugs / Addiction and the Brain.
  3. Kate Pearman: interested in clinical Neuroscience.
  4. Cristina Cabassi: interested in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience.
  5. Tiffany Quinn: interested in Music, Art and the Brain.
  6. Jess Stonehouse: interested in Neurodegenerative Disorders.
  7. Ellie Sanderson: interested in Fear, Emotion and the Brain.
  8. Laura Ellis: interested in Neurodegenerative Disorders.
  9. Rosie Porter: interested in Clinical Neuroscience.
  10. Rachel Coneys: interested in Clinical Neuroscience.
  11. Molly Campbell: interested in Neurodegeneration & Clinical Neuroscience.
  12. Sally Parsons: interested in Mental Health and Well Being.
  13. Abbie Byford: interested in Epilepsy and the Brain.
  14. Ryan Gourlay: interested in neurodegeneration and molecular neuroscience.

Individually, we write about the neuroscience concepts that we find most interesting. Together, we bring you an integrated reflection of the current trends in neuroscience research.

Please feel free to share our blog page, and like our Facebook page: ‘All That Is Neuro’

If you have any enquiries about the blog, please contact Molly Campbell on:



4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Is it possible to join the team? I’m about to enter my 4th year at Leeds after studying in Canada for a year. I’m also part of neural networks which is a new undergrad neuro club.


  2. I am a member of a mental health carers group in Stockport. I have followed developments in neuroscience since I read Damasio. I shall be following your blog, no doubt. Would anyone be up for speaking to our group at one of our meetings? We could reimburse travel expenses. We could also organise a day or half-day event, if that suits better. Stockport Mental Health Carers have a facebook site and a website in the making.


    1. Hello Brigette,
      I’m Molly and I created the blog and manage it individually, whilst my peers write posts. I think we would definitely like to get involved in one of your meetings. Could you possibly provide a little more information, e.g. whether you would like a couple of us to attend, or just one? And a little more about what your meetings entail. I will take a look at your website in the mean time. If you would like to contact me by other means here is my email:

      Best Wishes,


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